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By conducting detailed interviews with our clients and carefully analysing their financial details and situation the team at Hodgestone Finance can more faithfully represent the interests of our clients. With our generous and competitive commercial loan interest rates our commercial loan brokers can offer you an affordable loan that best suits your financial capabilities.

Are you wanting to purchase the right property to get your business going? Is your business currently experiencing growth and you need to move to a larger building? At Hodgestone Finance we have the qualifications, accreditations, and industry connections to connect our clients to the commercial property finance option that best suits their aspirations and their financial situation.

Whether you are after a private or low doc commercial loans Hodgestone is here for you! Our renowned low doc commercial lending, finance, and loans helps Brisbane and Melbourne locals improve the effectiveness and growth of their businesses. With our exceptional commercial real estate loans investors or business owners can put an offer in on their desired property without concern or stress.

At Hodgestone Finance, we provide a range of competitive finance options for commercial ventures & businesses. Our niche is providing quality services to businesses and development projects of all sizes, specialising in providing alternate finance options for applicants who can’t conform to rigid bank policies due to credit issues, lack of financials or LVR parameters. With competitive rates and market leading broking expertise, Hodgestone Finance is the ultimate choice for commercial loans.

With our in-depth approach to securing commercial property finance the team at Hodgestone Finance look after you. With our wide range of accredited lenders we can find the best loan to meet your desires and your finances. To learn more about our competitive services such as commercial property finance and investment call our renowned commercial loan brokers today on 1300 463 439.

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Commercial Real Estate & Property Loans

What’s the best commercial property loan for me?

That depends on your specific needs, which is why Hodgestone Finance offers in-depth financial consultation before securing your perfect commercial property loan. However, with commercial loan rates starting from 4.79% p.a. you can rest assured we provide the commercial property funds your business needs to get off the ground.

Do you offer low doc commercial real estate loans?

Yes, Hodgestone Finance provides low doc and non-conforming options for commercial property loans. Whether you have bad credit or have an ABN under two years, Hodgestone Finance has a range of commercial property finance options to accommodate your specific situation.

What’s a lease doc commercial property loan?

Lease doc products are designed for investors with rental producing commercial properties.

The lease doc product provides you with the flexibility of choosing between the Commercial Variable and Fixed Rate Loan products without having to provide financials or tax returns.

Hodgestone Finance can offer you an array of lease doc products with extremely competitive interest rates to help with your next commercial property investment or project.

Features of lease doc products we offer include:

  1. LVR’s up to 70%
  2. Remaining lease term required can be as little as 12 months
  3. Loan Terms up to 25 years
  4. No annual reviews or ongoing fees on certain products

Whether you’re seeking commercial property finance in Melbourne, need to make a commercial property investment in Sydney or require a commercial company loan in Brisbane, Hodgestone Finance helps get you the best deal possible.

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Commercial Loan Rates

What are your standard commercial loan interest rates? What are your low doc commercial loan rates?

Rates can change from time to time, but see our updated rates sidebar on your right for our updated rates, including short term, low doc loan rates and other commercial loan rates.

What are your fixed-rate / variable rate commercial loan options?

At Hodgestone Finance, we offer both fixed rate and variable rate commercial loans. Curious to find out which is best suited to you? You can call us to discuss the best commercial loan rates for your specific business needs.

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Best Commercial Finance Loans

How do you find a good commercial loan?

When it comes to commercial finance, having a precise understanding of the funds you need, a breakdown of what it’s for and your expected repayment timeline is key to ensuring you’re finding the best commercial loan possible.

Getting a direct consultation from Hodgestone Finance, the commercial loan broker Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and all the major Australian cities rely on, means you can connect with the best funding possible for your commercial projects.

What are the advantages of a commercial finance loan?

With a commercial finance loan, you can properly invest in your own commercial projects. Whether you’re a small business owner, sole trader or looking to inject funds into your company, a commercial finance loan is designed to specifically meet the needs of commercial interests.

Things to consider while choosing a commercial loan?

When choosing your commercial loan, it’s important that you’re realistic with the money you’ll need and how long it will take to pay it back. On top of a detailed business plan making it easier to get the best commercial loan possible, it also means that you’re less likely to need to take out further loans or default on repayments.

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Commercial Loan Broker / Private Commercial Loans

Who Is a commercial loan broker?

A commercial loan broker is someone who takes the hassle out of securing your commercial loan by acting as an intermediary between you and lenders, usually the banks but can also be a non-banker or private party.

They will shop around on your behalf, looking at current commercial loan rates across the banks and staying up-to-date with the specifics of each loan agreement. At Hodgestone Finance, for example, we can broker the best loan for you by bringing our in-depth knowledge of the commercial lending landscape to a financial consultation.

What are private commercial loans?

Private commercial loans, sometimes referred to as ‘asset loans’, are loans from private lenders as opposed to the bank.

Whether it’s a loan for commercial property or other commercial finance needs, private commercial loans can offer a fast alternative to a more standard bank loan – and with a wide network of private lenders we work with, these are the types of loans Hodgestone Finance specializes in. That’s what makes us the leading name in commercial finance for Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and surrounds.

What’s the difference between a private commercial loan and a bank loan – and what’s the best option for me?

It really will depend on your needs, credit history and timeline.

Typically, bank loans are:

  1. Cheaper
  2. Slower to secure
  3. More rigid in the required documentation
  4. Longer term loans (up to 25 years)

On the other hand, private commercial loans are typically:

  1. More expensive
  2. Short term
  3. Faster to secure
  4. Often have a simpler loan qualification process

However, the best solution is different for each commercial venture – but at Hodgestone Finance, we have the industry experience and finance options to secure your perfect loan.

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Low Doc Commercial Loans & No Doc Commercial Lending

What are Low Doc Commercial Loans?

Low doc commercial loans refer to loans that can be secured without much of the financial documentation banks ask for. Typically, lenders and banks will ask for your tax returns, financial statements, credit history, assets and more to figure out how likely you are to make your repayments, and set your interest rates accordingly.

However, this can often leave people without a lot of these documents, like self-employed sole traders or anyone without a regular PAYG income, at a loss. Low doc commercial lending is a way to secure competitive loans without needing to supply most of the documentation.

What are the documents that you do need for a Low Doc Commercial Loan?

Our checklist for self-employed applicants who can’t supply full documentation and need a low doc commercial loan instead include:

  1. a current ABN
  2. Business activity statement
  3. Accountant’s statement

Additionally, with commercial property purchase other documents may need to be sourced – just call us and you’ll receive a checklist that is specific to your low doc needs. Hodgestone Finance is the name in low doc commercial lending Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and wider Australia can count on for quality, streamlined loan applications.

What is a no doc commercial loan?

First of all, ‘no doc’ commercial lending is a little bit of a misnomer – non conforming finance would be a more accurate descriptor, which simply means that you aren’t able to conform to the documentation/standards set by most loans, primarily bank loans.

However, with a network of non bank finance options already established, Hodgestone Finance is able to facilitate loans for non-conforming applicants – including those with bad credit and other factors.


Consulting and broking services provided by Hodgestone Finance do not constitute a guarantee on the loan itself when arranged with a third-party (whether bank or non-bank) and we do not accept responsibility for any failure for lenders to deliver on the outlined terms.


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Client Testimonials


The knowledge around Commercial Property & the customer service at Hodgestone is the best you will get. I was really struggling to get a Commercial Loan & Hodgestone came to the rescue with a great solution.


Tristan M


I was overly happy with how quick Hodgestone had my Home Loan approved, it was settled in three weeks of contacting them! I could organise my wedding, renovate my house & buy a new car thanks to Daniel & Alex. Great work Hodgestone.


David B


I was at major risk of losing my block of Land, I had a week to settle to avoid this. I contacted Hodgestone, who structured my loan with a private lender and it was settled 4 days later! I highly recommend Hodgestone to everyone.


Anup B


We have been dealing with Hodgestone for many years now & we are more and more impressed every time we have a new deal for the team. Hodgestone are the best we have come across when it comes to Low Doc lending.


Scott & Vanessa


The situation we brought to Hodgestone Finance was very complex & it was dealt with in a very professional & timely manner by the team, we are so glad we found Hodgestone to help with our Short-Term lending. A better fit would be hard to find!


Lavinia R