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Small businesses require starting capital to get their business flourishing, but this can often be difficult to acquire through a bank due to the masses of paperwork required. Hodgestone Finance has helped many small businesses obtain low doc small business lending, with one of these clients being a small business owner based in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs.

This client owned their home unencumbered (meaning there was no mortgage), and needed to raise funds in order to keep their business growing. Hodgestone Finance structured a low doc commercial facility where only one BAS Statement was required, unlike other lending options that require complicated documents to be completed and submitted.

Hodgestone Finance could thereby raise up to 100% of the value of the client’s home, which enabled the client to implement his growth plans within just two weeks of seeking assistance from Hodgestone Finance.

By procuring a small business loan from Hodgestone Finance, the client saw a significant increase in the profitability of his business.

Case Studies
Business Loans

Regardless of your financial situation, or the documents you have available, the team at Hodgestone Finance is here to help you! By conducting a thorough assessment and analysis of your assets, liabilities, and equity, we can assist in gaining you approval for low doc business finance, ensuring that your business continues to operate without interruption. To make an appointment to speak to one of our helpful and attentive brokers give us a call on 1300 463 439.

At Hodgestone Finance, we’re able to offer a range of finance options to get your business off the ground or get your business premises built. Our market niche is in working with privately owned businesses who don’t conform with bank policy (i.e. have credit issues, lack financials) and need an alternative option. With a large network of private and non-bank lenders we can work with, our consulting and broking services are perfect for businesses of all sizes. With low doc and lease doc commercial loans available as well, there’s always a way forward for your business with Hodgestone Finance.

Best Sml Business

Small Business Loan

The best loan for you will depend on a number of factors, including whether you’ve run a business before or you’re starting out new. Some of the most common loan types available to you are:

  1. Full doc business finance
  2. Low doc business finance
  3. Non-conforming – or “no doc” – business finance
  4. Private lender business finance
  5. Bad credit loan options
  6. Bridging loans to help move from one office to another

Whether you want to leverage the equity in your home for business purposes or you have bad credit, contact Hodgestone Finance to access the best small business loans for you.

Low Doc Business Loans

Low Doc Business Finance

Most bank loans require a vetting process where your tax returns, financial statements and other records are assessed to ensure you are a reliable borrower. If you can’t provide some of the necessary documents for a standard full doc loan (e.g. if you’re self-employed), low doc business finance could be for you.

Generally, low doc business loans only require:

  1. A business activity statement
  2. An accountant’s statement

Hodgestone Finance can also assist you with non-conforming small business loans. Sometimes mislabelled as “no-doc loans”, non-conforming loans are non-bank finance options with less stringent requirements.

Learn more about low doc loans here.

To speak to one of our helpful and attentive brokers, give us a call on 1300 463 439.

Business Loan Broker

Business Loan Broker & Private Lender Small Business Loans

What is a business loan broker?

Rather than reaching out to banks or private lenders yourself, many business owners reach out to loan brokers with a specialist knowledge in the current market of business finance options out there. These brokers act as researchers, intermediaries and negotiators, and can make sure you get the perfect loan for your particular situation.

What are the benefits of a business loan broker?

Some of the benefits include:

  1. Their specialist knowledge of the options out there can ensure you get the best option for you.
  2. Their established network and relationships with the banks and private lenders means they know who to reach out to and how to negotiate.
  3. Running a business is tough work – and a business loan broker takes the stress out of handling the difficult financial side that comes with securing a loan.

What is a private lender?

A private lender is a non-bank finance option. They’re third party outside of the major banks that a financial broker like Hodgestone can secure loan agreements from. Some of the major differences between a bank loan and a private lender is that:

  1. Private loans can typically be with less documentation than a bank loan
  2. They’re often faster to secure than bank loans
  3. They will usually have a shorter contract term
  4. Many can be more expensive than a bank loan – but are more open to “non-conforming” applicants, like those with a bad credit history.
Best Business Finance & Loans

Best Business Finance & Loans

How do you find the best business loan?

The clearer your game plan for how you’ll spend your business loan, the more tailored your loan can be. The advice of a financial consultant can help you discuss your building timeline, repayment structure, assets and more.

From there, a broker can help connect you with the most appropriate funding for your building needs. Whether it’s a new business or , ensure you’re on board with the best finance possible.

What are the advantages to seeking business finance?

Business finance can help get your business off the ground or, if you’re a business that’s profits shift seasonally (e.g. hotelier, farmer), help you cover business costs. Rather than securing a general loan, a brokered business loan is specific to business needs – streamlining repayments through profits made.

What are the things I should consider when choosing a business loan?

The factors to make sure you’ve considered when finally confirming your next business loan include:

  1. Amount needed
  2. Repayment timeline
  3. Any assets you can use as security / equity
  4. Realistic planning for business profit timeline, if using profits to repay initial loan
Business Finance Rate

Business Finance Rates / Small Business Loan Rates

What are your business loan rates?

For an up-to-date overview of our current loan rates, check out our regularly updated rates sidebar on the right or call today.

Do you offer standard variable rate or fixed rate small business loans?

At Hodgestone Finance we have standard variable and fixed rate options available for small business owners. With a standard variable rate loan, your interest rates will change with decisions made by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), meaning you can take advantage of any drops in interest rates.

If you prefer a bit more certainty in your rates, you can get a fixed rate that can remain static for a period of 1 to 5 years – and thus won’t be negatively impacted by any rise in national rates set by the RBA.

Business Property Loan

Business Property Loan / Small Business Real Estate Loans

Do you offer property loans for business owners?

Yes, Hodgestone Finance has a range of real estate and building finance options to suit business owners, including:

  1. Low doc or non-conforming business property loans
  2. Bridging loans for small businesses moving locations
  3. Bridging loans for small businesses moving locations
  4. Competitive commercial loans with interest rates from 4.29% p.a.
  5. & much more! Call us for an expert financial opinion.


Consulting and broking services provided by Hodgestone Finance do not constitute a guarantee on the loan itself when arranged with a third-party (whether bank or non-bank) and we do not accept responsibility for any failure for lenders to deliver on the outlined terms.


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Client Testimonials


The knowledge around Commercial Property & the customer service at Hodgestone is the best you will get. I was really struggling to get a Commercial Loan & Hodgestone came to the rescue with a great solution.


Tristan M


I was overly happy with how quick Hodgestone had my Home Loan approved, it was settled in three weeks of contacting them! I could organise my wedding, renovate my house & buy a new car thanks to Daniel & Alex. Great work Hodgestone.


David B


I was at major risk of losing my block of Land, I had a week to settle to avoid this. I contacted Hodgestone, who structured my loan with a private lender and it was settled 4 days later! I highly recommend Hodgestone to everyone.


Anup B


We have been dealing with Hodgestone for many years now & we are more and more impressed every time we have a new deal for the team. Hodgestone are the best we have come across when it comes to Low Doc lending.


Scott & Vanessa


The situation we brought to Hodgestone Finance was very complex & it was dealt with in a very professional & timely manner by the team, we are so glad we found Hodgestone to help with our Short-Term lending. A better fit would be hard to find!


Lavinia R