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Experience a stress-free and easy home purchase thanks to the dedicated and knowledgeable team of loan brokers at Hodgestone Finance. Combining our years of experience with our qualifications and training our skilled and accredited professionals can find you the right home loan at a low rate to make repayments easier.

Available in fixed and variable rates over differing periods of time our low doc home loans give Melbourne residents the opportunity to realistically pursue home ownership, regardless of their credit or saving history. For whatever reason you do not have a complete selection of documents our expert team can deliver low doc home loans to Brisbane locals and beyond.

For more information about our complete and guaranteed low doc homes loans Sydney residents are encouraged to call us directly on 1300 463 469.

Home Loans Australia

Best Home Loans

There are many options available when it comes to getting a home loan, including:

  1. Full doc home loans
  2. Low doc home loans
  3. “Non-conforming” home loans
  4. Bank home loans
  5. Non-bank / private lender home loans
  6. Bridging loans

To discuss the details of these options and what works best for you, speak to Hodgestone Finance today. We provide services across Australia, so whether you’re looking for low doc home loans in Brisbane or refinancing options in Sydney, we can assist you.

Low Doc Home Loans

Low Doc Home Loans

A low doc home loan is a financing option that has a lower threshold for application than a typical bank loan. You might be interested in a low doc home loan if you have an adverse credit history, you’re a sole trader, or you lack PAYG income proof. Typically, a low doc home loan will only require:

What do you usually need for a low doc home loan?

Typically a low doc home loan will require:

  1. A current ABN
  2. A business activity statement
  3. An accountant’s statement

Hodgestone Finance can connect you with low doc lenders across Australia, whether you’re looking for low doc home loans in Melbourne, low doc home loans in Sydney, or beyond. Hodgestone Finance also specialises in no doc lending, which generally refers to finding loans for any “non-conforming” applicants, including those with minimal documentation or poor credit history.

Home Loan Broker

Home Loan Broker & Private Lender Home Loans

What is a home loan broker?

A home loan broker is someone who acts as an intermediary between you and a lender. With experience in the finance industry and established connections, they can consult on what loan amount, rate and repayment timeline is feasible for you, as well as connect you with lenders, whether bank or non-bank private lenders.

What is a private home loan lender?

A private home loan lender is a lender outside of the major banks, that isn’t a bank. With private lenders you often get a more personal service, as well as loan terms which can be more flexible than bank terms – especially when it comes to catering for non-conforming loan applicants.

Do I need a home loan broker?

Getting a home loan can be difficult, especially if you’re new to the property market, going for a private loan or are a non-conforming loan applicant.

With a home loan broker, you have an expert that can help ensure you’re finding a sustainable and manageable home loan. With a commitment as large as a home, it’s vital to walk into one with your eyes open, which is exactly what a broker can help you with.

Best Home Loans

Best Home Loans & Home Finance

How do you find the best home loan?

Finding the best home loan often comes with a bit of expert help – as mentioned above, often from a broker like Hodgestone Finance. However, other key tips for finding the best home loan is being patient, shopping around, assessing your existing funds and equity clearly and asking detailed questions to your consultant, broker or directly to the lender you end up choosing.

What are things to consider when choosing a home loan?

It’s important to consider which type of home loan will work best for you, focusing on options like:

  1. Secured home loans
  2. Unsecured home loans
  3. Low docs / non-conforming loans
  4. Short term or long term repayment
  5. Non-bank vs bank loans
  6. With the help of a broker vs without the help of a broker
Home Finance Rates

Home Finance Rates

Hodgestone Finance offers competitive home loan rates including fixed and variable options. Contact us today to discuss your loan options and secure the best home loan for your future!


Consulting and broking services provided by Hodgestone Finance do not constitute a guarantee on the loan itself when arranged with a third-party (whether bank or non-bank) and we do not accept responsibility for any failure for lenders to deliver on the outlined terms.


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The knowledge around Commercial Property & the customer service at Hodgestone is the best you will get. I was really struggling to get a Commercial Loan & Hodgestone came to the rescue with a great solution.


Tristan M


I was overly happy with how quick Hodgestone had my Home Loan approved, it was settled in three weeks of contacting them! I could organise my wedding, renovate my house & buy a new car thanks to Daniel & Alex. Great work Hodgestone.


David B


I was at major risk of losing my block of Land, I had a week to settle to avoid this. I contacted Hodgestone, who structured my loan with a private lender and it was settled 4 days later! I highly recommend Hodgestone to everyone.


Anup B


We have been dealing with Hodgestone for many years now & we are more and more impressed every time we have a new deal for the team. Hodgestone are the best we have come across when it comes to Low Doc lending.


Scott & Vanessa


The situation we brought to Hodgestone Finance was very complex & it was dealt with in a very professional & timely manner by the team, we are so glad we found Hodgestone to help with our Short-Term lending. A better fit would be hard to find!


Lavinia R